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Thursday, 26 March 2009


Karen Templer

Oh, and here's the Before shot again, for comparing.


Beautiful. So will you be seeking out your own pillows for them?

Karen Templer

There are some other blue pillows in them at the moment. But the chairs are probably going on Craigslist. We're in the mood to sell just about everything we own.


Ohhhhh really? List, please.

Karen Templer

You gonna make a trip out?

millie rossman kidd

Very nice. I think burlap piping was very clever.

Karen Templer

Unfortunately, the saga did not end there. Last weekend, we were cleaning out the basement and the studio loft and lining things up to post on Craiglist. I made notes about which things needed touch-ups or whatever, and Bob went to work on it. He started with these chairs.

I can't remember if I mentioned that part of the haste making waste came in the bit about painting them black. (A saga in and of itself.) Well, long story short, the paint rubs off. So Bob found some spray-on clear coat stuff, and established that it would do no harm to the canvas. What neither of us foresaw was that it harmed the paint!

So now it's a real mess. I think they'll just be in the basement until I can face them again.

Gina Hyams

The chairs are lovely!

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