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Sunday, 15 March 2009



What a dump.

Karen Templer

Thanks, deegie. I'm hoping we get normal-sized peaches this year, now that the tree's been in this pot two full winters.

Also, we're talking about taking out that tree mallow in the corner -- the big blob of green leaves on the right there -- and putting in the angel's trumpet with the apricot-colored trumpets. It'd be huge and extravagant looking in that corner. But I'm not sure if we'll go through with it.

I really need to post the "before" of this bed. It's the one that had all the rusty headboards and broken doors and god knows what-all in it.

millie rossman kidd

lovely, karen.

Charles and Colleen Templer

Very nice, Karen.

small garden ideas

When I was in Japan last month I really like looking at peach blossoms blooming. They are like small butterflies getting together.

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