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Sunday, 21 December 2008


millie rossman kidd

That's beautiful, Karen. I have a special love of aloe. We had to do a self portrait of you ourselves as a plant in foundation year painting class at SVA, and I painted myself as an aloe.

I am pretty new to gardening. My husband and I have a hundred year old colonial in Columbia county, NY that we (and that mostly means he) have been renovating.

We dipped our toe into the waters this year. It wasn't the Martha-worthy kitchen garden I was hoping it would be, but it ws a start. I have a feeling this new hobby will teach me lots of life lessons!

I'm looking forward to following what you're doing to your home.


Hi, Millie. It's definitely a learning experience, gardening (and on multiple levels). We were lucky to be able to garden at a rental property up in Napa for a few years, and having that chance to try and screw up and learn and try again was invaluable. But the beauty of it is that it never stops being a learning experience.

Would love to see your house.

millie rossman kidd

Ah, a "practice garden."

As my husband and I were checking out of the hospital a nurse told us that our two-day old daughter would be our "practice baby." True enough, but a rather peculiar thing to say to new parents.

I'll have to post some pics of my H's handiwork this year.

Karen Templer

A practice baby! What a thing to say!

Let me know about those pics ...

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