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Saturday, 05 July 2008



tres chouette.


So teeny-tiny! They'd make adorable appetizers, cut in half and served with a dollop of something or other.

Karen Templer

That WOULD be great, but there isn't enough flesh there to do even that. All you can do is nibble your way around the outside of the pit.

Hiya, nb!

Mignon Khargie

KT, that's such a great image. I love the paper towel and the seam in the paper towel. What's the variety of peach tree (so i can get one)?

Karen Templer

I don't know the official botanical name, but you see them sold (the peaches, I mean) as either donut peach or Saturn peach. They're smaller and flatter than standard peaches, and when they're their normal size, you can push the pit right out with your thumb. They're delicious — highly recommended.

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